PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR CHRISTMAS TOURS THIS YEAR ON NOVEMBER 30TH AND DECEMBER 8TH STARTING AT 6:00 PM. COST IS $15 PER PERSON.Fiddler's Green is the home of Chris and Heather Dempsey.  This is the location of the annual Civil War Re-enactment "Skirmish at Fiddler's Green", which takes place the first full weekend of May every year.  The home is also available for private tours by appointment, weddings, photography sessions, both inside and out, as well as other venues throughout the year.  Contact: 256-435-6055


Fiddler's Green is a home of new construction!  Chris and Heather have always appreciated old homes and architecture.  During the process of building their home, a unique opportunity arose.  In thier hometown of Jacksonville, AL, a local house was being razed that was the former home of Confederate Colonel Samuel H. Lockett.  His house was built in 1855.  Chris and Heather were allowed to collect all of the mid-Victorian architecture from this house to use in the building of theirs.  This included heart pine floors, doors, doorways, door trim, baseboards, staircase, door hardware, mantles, and other pieces of importance.  Thanks to this find, Fiddler's Green is a new home dressed with the trimmings of a nineteenth century, pre-civil war dwelling. Step inside the home, room by room, through this web site and explore what is known as "Fiddler's Green."